Bazaars of Mashhad

    Mashhad has three bazaars. The biggest, the two storied Bazaar-e Reza (or Bazaar-e Bozorg), is 800 m long, 30 m wide, and one of the main shopping centres in the town. The crafts of Khorassan are all represented in the bazaar. All kinds of local souvenirs such as fur-cloak, turquoise, Carnelian ring, gold, perfume, saffron, pelisse, prayer-mat, and rosary may be found here besides a myriad of foreign articles. There are several escalators in the Bazaar, which take the visitors to the second floor. The bazaar has two gates: one in Bayt ol-Moqaddas Square and the other in the 17th Shahrivar Square. The next shopping centre is called Sara-ye Bazaar-e Reza, where products such as embroidery, knitwear, shoes, etc, are sold. The third bazaar, called the Kuwaiti Bazaar, is situated in the 17th Shahrivar Square, where various categories of products are sold. Make sure also to visit a workshop where turquoises from the Neishabur mines are cut and polished. Bazaar is open 8 am to 8 p.m., Saturday to Thursday. The remains of several old caravansaries, now put to other purposes, can be seen. Postal services are provided at both ends of Bazaar-e Reza during the office hours.

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