it is said that is the hottest place in the world,but you should go there in the cold seasons to be able to sit hours and look at those beautiful sandy castles,the wave of sandy hills that seems like an ocean! he province of Kerman in respect to its relief and natural terrain, encompasses elevated plains and vast desert spaces. Some of these such as the plains and summer residing quarters are taken advantage of as recreational areas. The plains of Shahdad, Bam and Jiroft are low-lying plains, and reach a maximum elevation of 2,100 - 1,300 m. The extensive Loot Desert and its salt marshes occupy the major extent of the north east of the province, salt marshes also form a large section of the northwest of the province. The deserts of Iran bear spectacular and interesting features, with a tolerable climate for at least six months of the year. A star lit sky, which is a wonderful and breathless sight, a pregnant silence, panoramic views, mirages, the black and white sands, and salty earth are some of the characteristics that one can witness only in desert regions. Furthermore, this mystic hold increases in the other facets that the desert upholds. These are the historical vestiges, such as the caravansaries or ancient and traditional inns, palaces, water reservoirs, water conduits, pilgrimage and religious sites have all amassed in these extensive, mysterious sands revealing the life-style of man in the past.

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