It is one of the largest cities of Iran in terms of area. Kerman is famous for its long history and strong cultural heritage. For Iranian paleontologists Kerman has always been considered a fossil paradise. The discovery of new dinosaur footprints in 2005 renewed hopes for better understanding the history of this area. Kerman is the largest carpet producing and exporting center in Iran and edis a large producer of pistachios on the world market. The province is rich in minerals like copper coal chromium lead zinc uranium and aluminum, but mining has remained on a small scale. In recent times crude oil has been discovered, but is yet not exploited There are many mountains in Kerman. Snow covers the entire mountains in winter and the upper parts in the other seasons. There are many professional mountain climbing groups in Kerman that offer mountaineering guided tours both as private plans or within a group departure tours such as Amavand group Joupar group etc They support you with their professional team in serious winter condition and other seasons to give you a chance to experience a challenging but safe adventure. in adventure tours in nature of Kerman province the most important mountains in Kerman are Joopar mountain Lalezar mountain Hezar mountain Kuhe-shah etc.

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