The said premises are located in Kashan and were constructed during the years 1292-1310 AH. by Haj Seyed Jaffar Natanzi a merchant who conducted business in Borujerd and Kashan as well. He constructed this house in order to evade religious levies. On either side of the building is the main or entrance staircase leading to the southern part of the structure. Here there is a large porch with a high ceiling giving way to an entertainment hall; behind which, on a lower level is an octagonal area with a pool of the hauz khaneh. The same has a domed shaped roof and beautiful skylights. Here the ceiling is vaulted and worked with tiles in harmonious colors. On the walls, portraits of the Qajar sovereigns can be noted, with their guards in formal European apparel. This building is also equipped with cellars that are cool and pleasant for use in the heat of summer. Materials used in the construction of this structure are, stone, brick, sun baked bricks and a composition of clay, straw and mortar

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It is a famous historic house in Kashan. The house was built in the 1840s for the affluent Tabatabaei family. It consists of four beautiful courtyards, delightful wall paintings with elegant stained glass windows, and all the other classic signatures of traditional Persian residential architecture such as biruni and andaruni. It was designed by Ostad Ali Maryam. He is the same person who later on built the Bourojerdiha House for the Tabatabaeis newly married daughter.

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The Ameris House

The House of the Ameri family is a traditional house in Kashan. Built in the mid 19th century during the Qajar era, the house is one of several large spectacular old houses in the central district of Kashan. Like the other houses around it, it was re-built after Kashan was ravaged by a series of massive earthquakes in the 18th century.
The house is now a public museum, and is protected by Irans Cultural Heritage Organization

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The Ameris House
The Ameris House