Kalam polo

A traditional food found only in Shiraz. Some delivery food restaurants serve this food but it can be hard to find in normal restaurants. It is a dish made of Rice, meat balls, chopped cabbage and some other vegetables and spices.

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Ash shirazi

It is a kind of soup made of vegetables and meat. It is served all over the city early in the morning. People eat this for breakfast. But please note that it's only served really early in the morning

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Shirazi Paloodeh

Paloodeh is an ice cream made of rice starch, which takes the form of noodles. It is flavored with "sharbat" (sugar water), which can be of different flavors. Shirazian paloodeh is the best paloodeh in Iran especially when mixed with Bahar-e-Naranj liquor.

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Shirazi Paloodeh
Shirazi Paloodeh

Haft Khan restaurant

17th Alley, Quran Jadid Blvd


Soofi Restaurant

Sattar Khan St,+98 711 627 5881


Shahrzad Traditional Restaurant

Vakil St, off Zand Ave,+98 711 224 1963

Shater Abbas Restaurant

Khakshenasi St, off Azadi Blvd,+98 711 229 1440

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