Zoroastrian Fire Temple

The fire temple is located at Zarisef Street, Mirza Borzou Amighi Avenue and is considered the last fire temple built by Zoroastrians of Kerman. There were already other fire temples like that built at Shahr neighborhood, which were closed down later when the new fire temple became operational. The current fire temple includes a beautiful garden, which was once the residence of Jahangir Ashidari and has been changed into a fire temple. The fire kept there, as Zoroastrian priests maintain, is the same several thousands years old fire which has been first transferred from India to Shahr neighborhood before being put in the new fire temple. The fire temple is more than 40 years old. Of course, there has been another fire temple at Qanatestan neighborhood, which has been totally destroyed.

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Zoroastrian Fire Temple
Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Moshtaqiyeh of Kerman

Moshtaqiyeh comprises three domes which contain tombs of Moshtaq Alishah, Sheikh Esmaeil, and Kowsar Alishah who were among major Sufis of their time. The site was constructed after 1202 AH where Mirza Hossein Khan Rayeni, who once ruled in Kerman, is also buried. After Moshtaq Alishah was killed in Ramadan, 1206 AH, at the entrance of the Grand Mosque of Kerman, he and his close friend, Dervish Jafar, were buried in this pace, which was called Moshtaqiyeh from that time. The building is located at a square which carried the same name and the Grand Mosque of Kerman is located to its west. The treed courtyard of Moshtaqiyeh has added to its beauty.

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Moshtaqiyeh of Kerman
Moshtaqiyeh of Kerman

Arg-e Bam

The famous historical buildings of the world which generally belong tp a special period, such as Takht-e Jamshid of Fars located there. One of the characteristics of this historical complex is the continuation of history in them. About 2000 years has passed away over this citadel. Its founder is Bahman the son of Esfandyar. Since archeological researches have done about Arg-e Bam so there is not correct information about the date of its establishing. One of the studies about Arg-e Bam has been done by Mr Nurbakhsh and his colleagues which is published before Islamic Revolution in a book under the title of “Arg-e Bam”. According to him the building of citadel and the ancient city of Bam belong to the middle period of Ashkanis.

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Arg-e Bam
Arg-e Bam

Shah Nur-eddin Nematollah Vali

The tomb of Shah Nur-eddin Nematollah Vali, poet, sage, Sufi and founder of an order of dervishes, has twin minarets covered with turquoise tiles from the bottom up to the cupola. The mausoleum was built by Ahmad Shah Kani; the rest of the building was constructed during the reigns of Shah Abbas I, Mohammad Shah Qajar and Nasser-al-Din Shah. Shah Nematallah Vali spent many years wandering through central Asia perfecting his spiritual gifts before finally settling at Mahan, twenty miles south-east of Kerman, where he passed the last twenty five years of his lifE.Shah Nematollah-e-Vali was the head of the Ellahiyeh (730-834 AH.), and was one of the reputed Gnostics of the first half of the 9th century AH

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Shah Nur-eddin Nematollah Vali
Shah Nur-eddin Nematollah Vali


In sites the eastern side of square, according to the historical documents it seems that it was a school in past times that later has changed into caravansarey. The date of that establishment according to the inscription which is seen on its portal as 1007 Hijra (1959 AB) is belongs to more than 420 years ago. Its constructor is an architect who named “Mohammad Soltani Yazdi”. Its dimensions is 23*31.5 m at an area about 724 sq.m. Several cells have been designed in two floors, with beautiful architecture. Its internal and external appearance decorated with beautiful tile-works that are reminder of Safavids era. This school and all of the Ganjalikhan complex were damaged in the attack of Aqa Mohammad Khan Qajar and about 5000 precious manuscripts were plundered from the library of school.
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This bath is a collection of art, architecture and using different materials with a suitable space which attracts people to itself. The architect of bath and in general Ganjali khan complex is a Yazdian architect named “Ostad Mohammad Soltani” who indeed knew the political, economical and cultural conditions of its time. Ganjali khan bath is a wonderful work, that with its beautiful tile-works, paintings plaster-works pats the eyes of every visitor. Baths are included among the inseparable part of city’s building and are the main and important parts of Islamic cities and villages. The entrance to the Ganjali bathhouse is located along a section of Ganjali Khan Bazaar.

The entry portal of these baths has been decorated with beautiful paintings of Safavid era. The bath is 64m in length and 30m in width at an area about 1380 sq.m. The long of its hot-chamber (Garmkhane) is 6/25m in width is 7/5 m and its reservoir is 8/5 m in length and 5/7 in width at an area of 44/8sq.m. It consists of two main parts; hot-chamber and dressing room. According to the class divition in Safavid era the dressing room of bath has 6 chambers which each of them devoted to a special social class, including “Sayeds, clregies, tribal chiefs, gradness, merchants and rustics. However, today they are one are two statues in every chamber of dressing room that demonstrate the feature of mentioned classes.

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