It was founded in 1997 and now it is considered as a very famous place to visit. Flowers play an important role in Iranian lives. Almost all houses have a flower bed. During spring, summer and fall seasons these flower beds are beautified and ornamented with wonderful flowers. Roses, in different colours are among most popular flowers. There is a kind of Rose called “the Red Mohammadi flower” which has a wonderful fragrant decorates many flower beds in residential houses. Iranian literature has survived with beauties of flowers Isfahan Municipality, knowing the importance of flowers in Iranian lives has founded this attractive Garden. There are hundreds of flower shops busy in all seasons. The flower garden’s area is about 5.5 hectares and it is divided to different sections. A nice building is located at the entrance for ticket selling. People can purchase flower seeds and useful pieces of information on flowers from the same building. The garden is fascinately decorated and it is a popular place of interest. 



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Itwas founded in 1998 by Isfahan Municipality . It is located in a garden which is about 55000 square meters, located in NajvanPark area, at bank of Zayandeh Rood River .The Birds garden of Isfahan was founded in 1990s by the municipality of Isfahan and it's now under supervision of the recreation and welfare organization of the municipality. The Birds garden has an area of 17000 m². It's enclosed and covered by a chain-link fence pitched on 11 metal columns with the height of at most 22 m. The birds’ tent is about 17000 square meters. The tent is situated on 16 moveable pillars. The tent is 32 meters high and birds live under this huge tent. It is one of the most beautiful places, which is visited by local citizens and domestic tourists. It is an ideal place for children to see varieties birds, local birds and various birds brought from different countries, Natural environment has been provided for birds.

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Maranjab Desert

It is located by the city of Aran va Bidgol, one of the ancient desert cities of Isfahan province. The Maranjab Desert is also close to Kashan. The town is surrounded by the desert on the north and east, and thus it has a typical climate of hot and dry in summer, cold and dry in winter, and very little rainfall during the year. Maranjab Caravanserai as One of the most famous and notable caravanserai in Iran. Maranjab Caravanserai located 70 km east of Kashan in the desert, the caravanseraiwas built by order of Shah Abbas Safavid to be as a military base and a rest house for the caravans. The strong and rigid construction was made of brick and plaster with four watch towers in each corner.
If got a chance, don't miss the safari ride which just costs a fraction of the price charged elsewhere in the middle east or western world. Its bumpy and could be scary but definitely a memorable experience.

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Maranjab Desert
Maranjab Desert